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April 13, 2023

Mephisto Sneak Peak #1

What’s coming from the farm.

We’ve had our noses on the grindstone the last few years - albeit with a few forced hiatuses during 2019!

However hard work pays off and we wanted to give a sneak peek into what could be the top autoflowers of 2023!


In 2018 we got the hook up from our good friends at the Super Sativa Seed Club to create an autoflowering version of their long-held beauty of a cutting the Old School Haze - (cloned and kept alive more years than we’ve been on the planet as humans).

We made several outcrosses to the OSH using the most complimentary sativa cultivars in the Mephisto catalogue. We grew these F1’s out and, mightily impressed, we settled on furthering the lines of Old School Haze x Mango Smile, and Old School Haze x Livers Bx1.
Fast forward 4 years and we finally can unveil both:

Old School Mango Haze - F5

Old School Blues - F5.

We worked these strains for an extra generation than we normally would to bring them to market as the pure sativ-ery nature is something really unique in the autoflower world and these tropical ladies needed taming.

CAUTION: These new heavy sativa strains aren’t for autoflower amateurs, but the thoroughbred- hazy bliss they deliver is second to none.


Following the theme of refinement, the next new strain on the Mephisto tasting menu is:

Walter White BX1 - F5

Doing the work no other auto-breeders want to do, we took our already fabulous Walter White F5 and outcrossed her back to the original elite cutting she was based on, ‘The White’ - Krome’s cut.

Working again through the filial generations to bring her back to a stable automatic, further locking in the quality and our most adored traits - late harvest it looks like people have been having an indoor liquor and icing sugar party, as her trichome production is simply prolific.

All Aboard.

Back on the Sativa train - destination headyville.

The next Sativa work we conducted was breeding Purple Haze #1 from a Rare Dankness seed stock special selection to our Northern Cheese Haze (Exodus cheese cut x NL#5/Haze x Fantasmo Express)

Harking back to our original farm friend, in memory of the best little piggy ever, this strain has been named:

Pigletta’s Purple Haze - F5

So fellow Meph-heads, be aware that this is just one of several updates we’ll let slip over the year announcing fresh Artisanal strains!

Could they make your best autoflower 2023 list?

Much love from Mitch, Tim & the Mephisto Genetics family.

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