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November 17, 2023


Hey Meph Heads, 

It’s getting to that time of year! We’ve smashed open our Mephisto Pigletta bank to offer you the best deals of the year. This year you can fill your fridge with seeds as well as food, to get you both eating and planting good!

Black Friday Deals

We’re dropping some tasty discounts for you across all of our seed lines, with savings of up to 50% on selected strains, detailed in the image below! 

Black Friday deals run from Monday 20th November to Sunday 3rd December, while stocks last.

Click to expand!
Click to expand!

Cyber Monday Drop

With our Black Friday deals running through the week of Cyber Monday too, we thought we’d keep the party rolling with a drop of 4 new (old style) Limited Editions on Cyber Monday itself! We’ll keep shtum about the details for now, but we’ll post those in our next blog, coming next week.

Meph Merch

Are you looking for some sweet Mephisto threads this holiday season? We’re also running some killer Black Friday deals over at Meph-Heads www.meph-heads.com, with up to 50% off certain lines. So hop on over!

Deals run from Monday November 20th to Sunday 3rd December.

We know this was a quick one, but we want to give you guys a little heads up of what's to come, and to wish our friends in the US the happiest of Thanksgivings.


Mitch, Tim & the whole Mephisto team 🐷💖


Do the discounts automatically apply?
Yes! Discounted prices will be shown on the site automatically, so no fussing about with codes!

Will the discounts affect my freebie tier?
Yes, your freebie tier is determined by your cart total after discounts are applied and without shipping costs. We’ve got stickers and other small items available if you find yourself a few dollars short of a tier 🐷🌱

What freebies are going to be available?
Freebies are going to be Dealers Choice! So we are going into the back catalogue of freebies, with a wide range of freebies available to our packing team to drop into your order.

Can I select my freebies?
Freebies are randomly selected by our packing team as usual, they’re just going to have a wider pool of strains to dip into.

Does using my Piggy Points affect my freebie tier?
Yes! As above, your freebie tier is determined by your cart total after discounts are applied and without shipping costs. 

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