May 17, 2023

Strongest Autoflower in the World?!

Our strongest testing strain so far.

Reading about and scrolling through the interwebs, on a few sites and social platforms we saw many people had pondered, ‘Which is the strongest or most potent autoflower variety in the world?’

Seeing a few tests from other companies and remembering back to some certificates of analysis we received from a customer a couple of years ago, we thought it was about time Mephisto Genetics throw our hat into the ring!

Double Grape, grown by our farm friend Nancy Wallace, across the pond in Oklahoma. Clocking in at a whopping 36.93% Total Cannabinoids (31.8% of which was THC) we believe we have the highest-tested THC autoflower in the world(?)As well as just simply posting the results, we thought we’d fire her a few questions at the same time and let our MephHeads get to know her a little!

The test results for Nancy's Double Grape. Click to see all of the results!

Farm Friend.

Nancy is both a long-time customer and farm friend, but any newbies don’t be deterred! She’s also a professional grower in the industry, and this Double Grape wasn’t her first rodeo. She’s grown photos (photoperiod cultivars) for decades but added: “I have only been growing autos for 8 years. So access to the most sought-after auto genetics in the world has been a tremendous privilege and blessing.”

Humble to boot, Nancy added: ‘I guess you can call me a professional but I remain a humble student. Cannabis has much more to teach us than what we think.”

Asking her how she discovered Mephisto Genetics:

“An excellent grower and good friend of mine Derek Shores, an early Autoflower Network member, turned me on to Mephisto Genetics and I have been utterly addicted since my first run of 3 Bears OG, Sour Stomper, and Double Grape.’

Tips & Tricks.

We then asked her how exactly she grew the Double Grape to get such epic results. And any tips/tricks that could benefit the MephHeads out there?

“Double Grape and I are good friends; she’ll grow in any style, climate or situation. Easily one of my favourite Mephisto strains whenever it comes to quick turnaround and quality genetics. I use a living soil system that is low or moderate in nitrogen and high in microbes for higher THC and terpenes, and fermented plant juice and all-natural koi poop are the only additions I use currently. I’ve found that using 24 hr light, constant CO2, and a steady drip hydroponic system with added microbes helps to increase the yield exponentially.”

Double Grape has been a firm favourite in the Mephisto stable for us for years now, carpeting herself with crystals from very early into a grow cycle we knew there was potential for some stellar tested results.

Aside from her wonderful Double Grape work, Nancy also entered some Sour Stomper flowers into the 2021 Green Grow Fest Oklahoma Cup snagging a well-deserved 3rd place, amongst Photoperiod submissions, for her efforts.

On asking Nancy if she has anything new in the works that we could plug for her, it turns out she’s been hard at work with more than just growing. Having also spent the last couple of years navigating the legal compliance minefield in Oklahoma with a view to set up a few interesting projects. So If you’re in the area, keep an eye out for her upcoming projects, ‘Nancy’s Own’ [Seed line], and ‘Dankster’s Paradise’ [Dispensary and grow].

So if there are any MephHeads reading this out there, do you have any test results that can compete? - If so let us know!

Toke on and stay Merry!

Much love from the Mephisto Genetics team.
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