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3wok OG


I have subscribed to the newsletter, but I am not receiving anything.

Please don’t use a VPN when signing up for the newsletter. Once you have signed up you will receive a confirmation email with a link, you can then click on the link in the email to confirm your newsletter subscription. Please check out all your folders, promotions, junk, spam etc just in case the confirmation gets filtered there.

After checking the above you don’t have a confirmation, please email info @ mephistogenetics. com so we can check on our end.

Do you sell autoflowers?

We ONLY sell autoflowers! All of our strains & freebies are autoflowering and feminized.

What's the difference between the different lines?

Our lines can briefly be summed up as follows:

Originals: Where it all began. Strains that put Mephisto on the map and the basis for many of our Artisanal strains that followed.

Artisanal: What we see as the pinnacle of our breeding efforts, using established photoperiod strains and creating the cutting edge of modern-day automatics. Selectively bred until at least F4 before release.

Limited Editions: Strain crosses from our offerings, they usually start life as Illuminautos or exclusive freebies, produced with the idea of a longer run than Illuminautos.

Illuminautos: F1 crosses of our strains, produced in lower numbers as one-off crosses. Our most popular Illuminautos often find their wayback into the catalogue as Limited Editions, or even Reserva strains.

Reserva: When a Limited Edition or Illuminauto is just so good it needs a permanent place in the catalogue, it finds its home here as a Reserva strain.

Medicinal: Just that. CBD strains developed by us for their medicinal benefits.

What strain would you recommend for me?

We don’t provide personal recommendations for strains - all the information we have about strains is detailed on each product pages, or you can browse through our Strain Guide section which should provide more insight. Otherwise, join our community on Reddit and AFN.

How can I contact you?

If you have a question for us you can use our Contact Form

Are you active on Social Media?

Yes! We have a presence on the following sites:





How should I store my products?

Keep the seeds in their vail and packaging, put them in a ziplock bag, and then in a sealed container in the fridge. Make sure the container is sealed so that no humidity can get to them. You could even throw in some of those silica beads packages to keep the humidity down. 

What do 'x' and 'bx' mean in a strain name?

‘x’ is a cross between two strains, female (the plant that receives the pollen) parent first.
‘Bx’ is a backcross, so one of the parent strains is the same as a grandparent. This is done to make offspring that is genetically closer to that parentage.


When will X strain be back in stock?

We can’t always give exact dates on when certain strains will be back in stock, unfortunately. We will announce across social media and via our Newsletter when we have a strain back in stock.

What is Meph Math?

Meph Math is our term for how many extra seeds you get when you order! We can't guarantee germination of live products for obvious reasons, so we make sure that we add extra seeds to each pack to make sure everyone has the best possible chance at growing some top-shelf genetics!

How do I know my order has actually gone through?

There are three ways you can use to double check.

- If, once your order is complete, you receive an order number on the screen.

- You will be sent a confirmation email of your order. (If you can’t find it, check your Junk folder as it might be hiding in there.)

- If you log in to your account, the order will show with the status ‘Processing’

My order isn't showing in my account, why?

It's possible that you were not logged in to your account at the time of ordering. You can use our Order Form to check the status of an order made as a guest. You can also send us an email using the Contact Form so we can associate the guest order with your account.

Can I add something to an existing order?

I’m afraid not. If you'd like to buy new items, you'll need to place a new order.

Can I combine multiple orders?

We are really sorry, but we are not able to combine orders. Once orders are placed they are going straight to our new packing system and we can't add additional items to it.

What is the current status of my order?

You can log in to your account to see the status of your order. It will be marked as one of the following:

- Unfulfilled: This means we have received payment from you and your order is in line waiting to be packed and shipped.

- Fulfilled: This means your order has been shipped and a tracking number is available for you. You will receive email notification of this status along with your tracking number.

I've provided the wrong address. What can be done?

If your order has yet to be sent out, please send an immediate email to us via our Contact Form, or reply to your order confirmation email. If you order has already been shipped you will need to contact the shipping company as soon as possible.

How do I cancel my order?

Before your order ships, you can use our Contact Form or reply to your order confirmation to cancel your order. We will be able to refund your payment if done by credit card, however the system doesn't allow any refunds for crypto payments. However, once the order is shipped we can't cancel or refund it.

What voucher codes do you have?

We don’t currently offer any voucher codes - we may intermittently offer them for Newsletter subscribers and you can sign up for that here.

Your X store doesn't have a strain that I'm looking for, can I order from one of your other stores?

Unfortunately, we can only ship to the region specific to each store.


Black Friday

Dealer's Choice!!

Freebie Tiers

Our freebie tiers are as follows based on a single order and do not include postage. Freebie tiers are calculated AFTER discounts (including Piggy Points!) are applied:

$30 – $79.99: 2 free seeds
$80 – $139.99: 5 free seeds
$140 – $194.99: 10 free seeds
$195 – $244.99: 15 free seeds
$245 – $289.99: 20 free seeds
$290+: 25 free seeds

All amounts are calculated with our base currency of USD. We don’t currently offer additional freebies for orders with a higher value. We can't combine multiple orders to reach higher freebie tiers, since we have a packing team with multiple locations.

What are freebies?

All of our orders over $30 come with freebies! Freebies are F1 crosses of two existing Mephisto strains, we have a selection available that change month-to-month. Freebies are always lucky dip and are automatically added by our packing team when your order is getting ready to be shipped out. We give out a different amount of freebies depending on your order value, you can check out the Freebie Tiers here.

Are my freebies automatic?

Yes, all of our offerings, including freebies are both automatic and feminised.

Which freebies will I receive?

Our freebies are provided as a courtesy in a lucky dip manner. We will do our best to give a variety on higher freebies tiers, however freebies are often limited in quantity and therefore we CANNOT guarantee a mix. Freebies are calculated on the total sale EXCLUDING the shipping cost. The use of discount code could result in a lower freebie tier. Freebies are mostly F1 hybrid crosses of our main strains that we are testing out.

Can you provide some strain information on the freebies I received?

Possibly, but not always. If it is a current or past catalogue strain, the information will be on our website. If your freebie is an exclusive freebie cross, these are F1 and untested so we don’t have information on them. If you grow them out and want to provide that information though you can do through our Contact Form. Some of these crosses may find their way into the catalogue if enough people love them!

What do you mean by featured freebies?

Each month we feature a new batch of freebie crosses. These are shown above and in our freebie bubble on the homepage.

Why can’t I see freebies in my order confirmation?

Freebies are automatically added to your order when it’s packed and shipped by our team depending on the order value, excluding shipping.

What are the pack sizes for freebies? Can I get one of each freebie seed for my order?

Freebies come in prepacked vials. Unfortunately, we can’t add a single seed or combination of seeds other than those that are prepacked.

How can I tell which strain my freebie seeds are if they’re in the same vial?

All seeds in each vial are the same, so if the label is ‘Mango Smile x Samsquanch OG’ then all seeds are a cross of Mango Smile and Samsquanch OG.


How can I pay for my order?

We currently accept the following credit/debit cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB.

I can’t see a charge from Mephisto Genetics on my bank statement?

To process card payments, we use Authorize.Net with ourpartners: URB Sciences Inc. so you will see them mentioned on your cardand/or bank statement.

My payment was declined, what can I do?

It isn’t always obvious to us why a payment was declined. It could be something as simple as using the wrong billing address, or something more complex such as your bank restricting which regions you can purchase from.

My payment was declined but charges are still showing on my statement, why?

These are pending payments - your bank will assign funds that were to be used in the order transaction. These funds will be made available to you once our payment provider communicates that the transaction was declined to your bank. You can usually contact your bank to have these funds returned quicker.

What currency do you charge in?

Our base currency is USD. Your bank will deal with any currency conversions on their end, this could lead to minor discrepancies between your order total and what your bank eventually charges you.


How long will it take to ship my order?

We aim to ship all orders within 10 business days of receiving payment. Also, sometimes delays can occur when we receive large quantities of orders at the same time.

How stealthy is your packaging?

We don't show any external branding and we don't use our company name on anything external such as shipping labels. We try to be as discreet as possible, with all of our orders shipped inside a plain mailing bag and/or a USPS branded shipping box.

How long will my order take to arrive?

At Mephisto Genetics we pride ourselves on our quick service. You will receive a USPS tracking number once your order ships. USPS usually delivers within 10 days, but with COVID allow up to 21 business days.

Unfortunately though, delays are outside our control, so if your order status has been updated to: Complete and you have still not received your parcel after 21 business days, please first inquire at the USPS office/website with your tracking code. Then if you do not get satisfactory answer from them, reply to your order email, with the reply from USPS and we will try and sort the situation out as soon as we possibly can.

How much is the Shipping?

The current shipping price are:

USPS priority (Up to 3 business days) $11.00

UPS priority (up to 5 business days) $12.50. [Does not deliver to PO boxes]

What will my seed parcel look like?

We ship in our own Mephisto shipping boxes inside an unbranded, opaque black mailing bag, these are much smaller than regular USPS Priority boxes and will fit through most letterboxes. There is no outward branding or signs of what the contents are. The only information displayed on the parcel is your name and delivery address along with a return address, that is not listed as Mephisto Genetics and our website address does not appear anywhere on the parcel!

My order says delivered but I don’t have it?

Once your package is handed to the delivery service/shipping company and scanned in, we have fulfilled our end and won’t be liable in the case of non-delivery.

It is YOUR responsibility to make sure your order can be delivered successfully to a secure location, e.g. with a package lockbox/smart parcel locker or in person.

Gift Cards

Is the Gift Card a physical product?

No, our Gift Cards are digital products and are delivered by email. If you haven’t received one please check your junk folders!

Will I receive freebies when I purchase a Gift Card?

Freebies are only applied to an order when redeeming a Gift Card. Adding a Gift Card to an order of other products doesn’t increase your freebie tier.

Piggy Points

I've ordered before but I have no Piggy Points, why?

Our Piggy Points system was introduced in January 2023, so only orders made after this date are eligible to earn Piggy Points.

Will using Piggy Points affect my freebies?

YES! Freebie tiers are calculated AFTER any discounts, including Piggy Points, are applied. Make sure you double check your order total after you've applied your Piggy Points so you don't drop down a freebie tier accidentally.

How do I spend Piggy Points?

You can use the slider at checkout to apply the amount of Piggy Points you want to for your order. Click on Rewards at checkout to make it appear. You can apply them in increments of $1/5000 points to a maximum of $20/100,000 points per order.

How do I find out how many Piggy Points I have earned?

Log in to your account page then click on the ‘Rewards’ popup and you can see how many Piggy Points you currently have.

How do I earn Piggy Points?

You can earn Piggy Points by making orders through our store. You earn 100 points per $1 spent.

What are Piggy Points?

Piggy Points are our in-house loyalty points! You earn Piggy Points for every dollar you spend and you can use them to apply a discount at checkout for future purchases.


Returns Policy

Seeds are live products so need to be treated so with due care and attention. In our care they are stored correctly and have a shelf life longer than the time between reproduction runs.

Before leaving our facility seeds pass several stages of quality control, and are subjected to at least two germination tests to ensure viability. Only once we see a germination rate higher than 90% do any seeds leave our facility for general sale.​


There are many conditions whereby 90% germination rate will not be achieved, as mentioned above they are a live product and we're not thereto assist with germination once they are in your hands.​

However for all Mephisto Genetics direct orders we include extra seeds per pack and freebies with all orders to give you every chance possible to get successful results from our company. Think of these freebies and extra seeds as a friendly insurance.

And these freebies are also not guaranteed, and we are under no obligation to replace any orders.

Returning your order

We would actually not wish for any seeds to be returned by post, as the journey though the postal system can be detrimental to these delicate live products.

If you have any problems with your order then we suggest you contact us using the Orders and Returns page and (if possible) send us photos of the package and merchandise that has the problem, this way we're able to rectify the situation a lot quicker.

Returning Other Items Purchased Through Our Website

If you need to return other items like stickers or apparel bought on this website, for any reason we will swap or refund your item, under the following conditions:

The item is unused

You send us photos of the item, including packaging

No more than 21 days has elapsed since purchase

Return postage costs are at your expense

If you have any other problems or queries then feel free to contact us, using the Orders and Returns form and we will get back to you within a normal working day.


Thank you

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