Pink Panama

Genetic Heritage - Panama/Deepchunk (Ace/Cannabiogen x Pink Sativa breeding Auto circa 2011)
Seed Type: F4 Feminised Automatic

Indica/Sativa - 40/60
Plant size - Medium/Large
Cycle time - 60-70 days from sprout

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Artisanal Strain: Pink Panama

Genetic Heritage - Panama/Deepchunk (Ace/Cannabiogen x Pink Sativa breeding Auto circa 2011)
Seed Type: F4 Feminised Automatic

Project introduction and Overview:

Pink Panama was a hybrid photo-to-auto cross first made many moons before Mephisto was even born as a company. Over the years we've made many, many project crosses with genetics that pique our interest, and that often leads to a problem of having too many projects and not enough time or space to develop them further. However, they're always kept in the archive ready to be picked up again and this strain is one example of that. At the time it was created other projects took precedent, however when we knew we had a couple of Sativa projects on the table, we raided the archive to see which others would complement a sativa release and by gum, we're glad we had this cross tucked away.
This strain is very unique, the photoperiod Panama Chunk created by Ace Seeds/Cannabiogen is a dream combination of very special examples of a heavy indica and heavy sativa from very different parts of the world. In photoperiod form, it's one of the most resinous cultivars we've come across in all of our time growing. We knew we wanted to further the Sativa in the project and we were passed autoseeds we worked for several generations that displayed pink coloration in the flowers, even in a warm to hot environment, growing with nice vigor and displaying above average resistance to mould and pests. Through the next generations, the phenotypes we prioritised were having a large, long main cola dominant structure, hints of colour contrasting a thick coating of resin.
Pink Panama is the fastest strain from the 2019 Artisanal release strains; she can finish very rapidly, in certain cases even less than a 60 day from sprout time frame. We can't stress enough how much of a unique and fun auto this is to give a run through your garden.

Strain behavior and structure:

Pink Panama begins life with nice, slender, serrated sativa leaves expressing that Panama heritage. Her outright size can be quite well defined by the container size used; given a smaller pot she can make a nice 'smaller' SOG style plant for a sativa dominant autoflower, however, given room to stretch her legs, she'll do just that. She's also a strain that can be more easily triggered into flowering, and flowering hard when given less room.
In our breeding conditions the majority have been tall, very main cola dominant, with tight internodes and satellite colas that surround the main stem. The flower formations are not outright beefy, but provide a nice dense cluster that tightens well after drying to create a very nice end product. There are a few phenotypes and the differences are mostly expressed within the flowers as opposed to the overall plant structure. Buds can see colours creeping in from early flowering, or be predominantly silver with frost, and the pink purple hues express themselves more strongly in the final phase as the flowers bulk and swell and nutrients are expended within the plant. Frost is pretty abundant on the Pink Panama, but for us the real magic with this plant is the super unique aromas and flavours to be found! There's nothing else in our catalogue quite like it!

Strain figures and info:

Size - 60 to 90cm
Structure - Main cola dominant with modest satellite branches.
Indica/Sativa - 40/60
Cycle Time - 60 to 70 days from sprout
Yield - 90 to 120g
Aroma - Super unique dark aromatic coffee-esq to fruit plum musk
Taste - Earthy, woody to dark chocolate with a pinch of zest.
Effect - Balanced euphoria to relaxed sleepy buzz.
Medicinal Benefits - Great for stress, depression and soothing aches and pains.
Cannabinoids - TBA
Extract information - Particularly oily strain that lends well to pressing.
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