Gold Glue

  • Yield: 60-100g
  • Indica/Sativa: 75/25
  • Generation: F1
  • Type: Auto - Feminised
  • Genetic Heritage: 24 Carat x 4 Assed Monkey
  • Cannabinoids: TBA
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Project introduction and Overview:

Gold Glue: The Midas Touch!

Gold Glue was a strain we released as part of the 2017 Illuminautos, and both ourselves here at MG, and our customers fell in love with this lady! She is a combination of two really stellar strains from the Mephisto Catalogue; our oldest and most sentimental strain 24 Carat, and one of our newest and fun strains 4 Assed Monkey. Being a blend of old school genetics in the form of the Afghani 24 Carat and the newer school of Gorilla Glue, she is a fantastic strain to behold. The two strains have combined to create a stupendously nice amalgamation of complex, delicious flavours as part of a powerful stout plant that's great fun to grow.

Strain behaviour and structure:

Gold Glue is a small to medium sized plant very much on the indica side of the spectrum. She has a bushy structure, thick green leaves and stout stems, but given ample rootspace, good environment and capable hands she can become surprisingly big. She's also pretty versatile in that if you restrict her pot size she can be run as part of an Autoflower Sea Of Green arrangement, due to being a more compact plant that can then also yield really well in smaller spaces. Gold Glue will benefit nicely from training, and if high humidity is an issue, because of the end density of her flowers we would recommend training to spread the flower mass across the plant. Gold Glue runs through the stages of an autoflower pretty quickly, transitioning quickly from seedling, to pre-flower, to flower. However, once she's in flower, she flowers hard, creating large, heavy and dense flowers. She is also a very oily girl and a magnificent little hash plant. She's amongst the easiest to harvest, manicure and process and, due to the density of the buds, the yield can be deceptively really impressive. Overall she's got a lot of admirable qualities and is great fun to grow.

In good conditions she will deliver:

Cycle time: 60-70 days from sprout (depending on phenotype, desired effect, and environmental conditions)
Size: 45-70cm Height/Width 30-50cm
Yield: 60-100g as a single plant grow
Best method for overall high yield: 9-12 per 1.2x1.2 space in 12-15 liter pots under a 600w - 500g is obtainable.
Aroma and flavour: Sweet, fruity, tropical to creamy coffee and sour
Effect: Heavy on the body, pleasant to the mind, zen-like.
Best grown: Indoor
Flower Density: 9/10
Cannabinoids: TBA
Medicinal qualities: Sedative, narcotic, relaxing.

Further info:

Ease of grow - 6.5/10 - Easy if everything is in check, be sure to get the first 3 weeks correct and it's a breeze from there.
Aroma level whilst growing - 7/10 High - Odor control is essential
Trim ease - 9.5/10 - Awesome density and little leaf material makes a fun quick trim session.
Frost Level - 9/10 - Very nice frost coverage
Bag Appeal - 8.5/10 High quality product that won't disappoint
After Cure Aroma level - 7/10 - Very pleasant on the nose
Potency - 8/10 Great potency but carries a nice calming zen effect
Concentrate info - 9/10 Great candidate to process, little to no waste from this girl
Overall Mephisto rating - 8/10 - We'd run this variety anytime, especially for a quick turnaround


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