White Crack

  • Yield: 100-180g as a single plant grow
  • Indica/Sativa: 75/25
  • Generation: F1
  • Type: Auto - Feminised
  • Genetic Heritage: Sour Crack x Walter White
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Mephisto Genetics New Limited Edition Strain: White Crack

Project introduction and Overview:

White Crack: The new special for our favourite crack head - Tyrone.
White crack was initially just given out as a freebie for European orders during 2016-2017, however we have had such amazing and frantic feedback about her, we just had to reproduce this strain!

We definitely knew we should give more people a chance to try her out, We're just sorry it took this long to have her back!
Combining two of our Original strains, Walter White and Sour Crack, two strains we really cherish as part of our catalogue and history of work. White crack is stupendously nice and a case of the sum being even better than the parts!
She has also returned one of the highest cannabinoid analysis test results with one of our customers achieving over 27% THC, at the time we believe that was the highest strength autoflower on the planet!
This could be one of the most highly anticipated limiteds of the year. So make sure to grab a pack whilst they're around.

Strain behaviour and structure:

White Crack is a winner on a lot of levels, She displays decent vigour and with a little encouragement via some simple leaf tucking can become a really full bush of flowers.
Yield potential is really high too, either she'll put out some very hench cola's, or if you've helped her to bush out she'll make a whole plants worth of compact crystally nugs just spread out between all her branches.

There is some variation between phenotypes, there are some Sour Crack dominant phenos which stay smaller but thicker, however, they're bigger than the Sour Crack parent, and these finish the fastest. There's an average size phenotype that is a true blend between both strains, this is the pheno we're focusing on describing throughout this description. The size of this pheno is medium to large but it packs a lot of flowers, branches well, and the finish time is very respectable. Lastly, there's a larger, more Walter White dominant pheno with some extra hybrid vigour added in. This one will produce more yield but it's finish time will be later towards the end of the 75 day harvest window.

The larger phenos will benefit from clearing out of the plant bottoms and inners in order to concentrate the energy into the main colas.
Overall, this is an enjoyable, not too tricky plant to grow that delivers a spectacular end product.

Strain figures and info in brief:

Indica/Sativa: 75/25

In good conditions she will deliver:

Cycle time: 65-75 days from sprout (depending on phenotype, desired effect, and environmental conditions)
Size: 60-90cm Height/Width 50-70cm
Yield: 100-180g as a single plant grow
Best method for overall high yield: 6-9 per 1.2x1.2 space in 15 litre pots under a 600w - 500g is obtainable.
Aroma and flavour: creamy peppery sweet exotic funky
Effect: Very powerful high, not for amateur tokers
Best grown: Indoor/greenhouse
Flower Density: 8.5/10
Cannabinoids: TBA
Medicinal qualities: Sedative pain killing qualities, appetite and sleep inducing

Further info:

Ease of grow - 7/10 - Not too challenging to grow, but does benefit from some plant maintenance.
Aroma level whilst growing - 7/10 High - Oder control is essential
Trim ease - 7.5/10 - compact buds with a good flower to leaf ratio.
Frost Level - 9.5/10 Very trich'd out!
Bag Appeal - 9.5/10 Exceptional bag appeal
After Cure Aroma level - 7/10 - Milder than some, but still up there.
Potency - 9.5/10 Very very high potency. buyer beware.
Concentrate info - 9/10 Super high resin levels makes for great squishing potential.
Overall Mephisto rating - 9/10 - Highly recommended. Enough said


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