Sour Stomper

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  • Potsize: 15L, medium: Organic Soil - 60-80 grams
  • cycle time: 60-65 days
  • Size: 50-70cm in heigh
  • Extract Returns: TBA
  • Cannabinoids: TBA
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Sour Stomper is a delight to trim and manicure, and is an ideal candidate for extraction work.

The flower to plant ratio is extremely high, meaning although the outright size of the plants aren't large, this is a small-medium sized variety, the yield is impressive.

Complete cycle time: 60-65 days
Per plant yield in a 9 plant to 600w HPS arrangement, Potsize: 15L, medium: Organic Soil - 60-80 grams
Size: 50-70cm in height
Aroma: Delicious sweet red grape infused with a raw funky to meaty edge. Powerful.
Taste: Grapey with piney-lemony undertones,
Medicinal Benefits: Anti-depressant qualities
Effect; Glorious, hitting all the pleasure zones, euphoric and feel good vibes. Brings a sunny shine to a cloudy day
Flower Density: 7.0/10
Best Suited For Growing: Indoor/Greenhouse/Outdoor
Extract Returns: TBA
Cannabinoids: TBA

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