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Sundae Thumper
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Sundae Thumper

Genetic Heritage
Gelato #45 (AKA Michael Jordan) (Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Cookies) x Forum Stomper
Seed Type
F4 Feminised Automatic
Cycle Time
70 to 85 days from sprout
Project Introduction and Overview:

Sundae Thumper is the second installation in our Gelauto series, after our first foray in Iced ‘n’ Baked (Gelato #41). Gelato #45 (AKA Michael Jordan) is a less common phenotype than the wildly popular #41 (Bacio) (parent strain to our Iced ‘n’ Baked) but is no less of a slam dunk strain. She sports the characteristic rock-hard flowers the size of golfballs, and has strong ice-creamy aromas, with hints of lemon and gasoline that will take you on a magical mystery tour through our Mephisto ice cream parlour of delights. To produce Sundae Thumper we pollinated an S1 selection of Gelauto #45 with a special Forum Stomper pollen donor. During the beginning of this breeding project we also pollinated several other popular Cookie, Sherbert, and Gelato-derived clones to progeny test, but after running the F1 generation of these crosses it was very apparent that the Gelato #45 x Forum Stomper was by far the most unique and true to its clonal parent. From several hundred F1 individuals we selected just 8 that carried the characteristic aromas most like Gelato #45 and intercrossed them to advance the project. From the F2 generation, we germinated approximately 800 F2 seeds and selected 4 of our favourite donors and 8 of our favourite receivers. After screening the F3 populations we chose our 2 favorites to intercross for F4 seed production. We focused on capturing the classic aroma and flower morphology of Gelato #45 but wanted to make sure to include individuals that contained notes of the Forum Stomper’s mouth-coating grape undertones. Sundae Thumper stands out as a worthy addition to our catalogue and our Gelauto series, offering sweeter notes on the palate and a more beginner-friendly plant to contend with. It acts as a magnificent strain for anyone, either a seasoned autoflower grower or likewise a newbie taking their first steps into the world of elite automatics.

Strain behaviour and structure:

Sundae Thumper grows vigorously from the get-go, and greatly benefits from selective leaf tucking, opening her up and allowing light to reach her innards will result in a low apical dominance plant, or easier to say she’ll bush out in a lovely way for you with an overall even canopy and give the potential to produce many mid sized colas of supremely nice nuggetry equating to a high yield potential relative to her size. Greaze-mode is switched up to 11 for this girl, trichomes are produced in abundance from early flower and as she stacks her golf ball buds she doesn’t turn it off. Her branching and bushy stature are generally pretty sturdy, but she may require some support later in flower as her glorious crowns of buds get significantly top heavier. Another wondrous factor in Sundae Thumper is her appearance, as she transitions from mid to late flower she puts on a total colour show, commonly creating a beautiful palette mixing between purple, pink, green and anything pretty in between. Her flowers are routinely very dense in structure and super oily, and she is a great candidate for pressing. Her flowers reek and the common notes are predominantly of lemon peel, ice creamy to sweet candy with additions of more subtle hints of artificial grape flavoring and jasmine perfume. Sundae Thumper will not fuck you in the game of canna-monopoly, you will never draw the Do Not Pass Go, Go Straight to Trim Jail card as she has a really low leaf to flower ratio and makes harvesting as pleasurable as it can be. During cure even more delightful notes can be expressed from Sundae Thumper, there’s peach to be found in her too. From our own in-house and community testing she has proved a very easy grower, with no inherent sensitives to Nitrogen, unlike her Mephisto Gelauto sister Iced ‘n’ Baked, which you have to tip toe around nutrients with.

In the weeds.

85 to 100+cm
80 to 140 grams
Aroma and Flavour
Sweetness, cream with artificial grape. Lemons and fuel. Smooth and sweet.
Starts as a more heady hybrid before settling into a relaxing body high. Calming and sleep-inducing
Best Method
Best Grown
Medicinal Effect
Great for insomnia and appetite stimulation.

Sundae Thumper


Because we all need some swag.

Sundae Thumper

If you're anything like us you'll love your slaps! The stickers were designed by the community, so we have to extend our thanks again for doing such an excellent job! This product is a single Sundae Thumper strain sticker. This sticker is between 3-4" (75-100mm) in size, is die cut and printed with a gloss finish that is UV/weather resistant so is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Sundae Thumper

/ piece

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Sundae Thumper

in action

Photos from our beloved MephHeads.
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